DJ Bettencourt

Scholarship for Insurance Professionals

The D.J. Bettencourt Scholarship for Insurance Professionals provides scholarships to students who are attending school with an eye towards to a career in the insurance industry. Mr. Bettencourt appreciates the challenges students face when managing both their studies and finances, so as a result he now would like to take whatever opportunity he can to assist the next generation of insurance professionals.

Who is it for?

The D.J. Bettencourt Scholarship for Insurance Professionals is now open to any college or university students located in the United States with the intention of attending school to go on to work in the field of insurance. Additionally, the scholarship is available to any students currently in high school that plan on attending a university and pursuing a career in the insurance industry. Mr. Bettencourt knows that the financial burden weighing on students anticipating years of schooling ahead of them is a large obstacle in their path to becoming an insurance professionals, and this is why he has decided to award a promising student with $1,000 to put towards their tuition.


DJ Bettencourt

dj bettencourt

New Hampshire Deputy Insurance Commissioner

A lifelong Salem, NH resident, D.J. Bettencourt served his community for many years. He has worked as the Deputy Commissioner of the New Hampshire Insurance Department for the past two years, and prior to that was a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives until 2012. He even served as majority leader from 2010 to 2012.


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D.J. Bettencourt knows from his personal experience that there is a long journey ahead for many future insurance professionals. Having almost two decades of public service, he now wants to pay it forward to the next generation of students and potential insurance professionals by creating this scholarship. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of the chance to gain financial support. To do so, just go to the application page and follow all of the steps on how to apply and enter into the scholarship’s essay contest, which is where yes recipient will be selected.

Earn Towards Your Education

D.J. Bettencourt sees how the climbing costs of education, especially for higher education, can put a large burden on students who are studying to become an insurance professionals. As a result, Mr. Bettencourt wants to provide an opportunity to a deserving student using this $1,000 scholarship. With this scholarship, D.J. also hopes to raise awareness toward the financial struggles that students face when undertaking the multiple years of schooling on the long road to a career in insurance, and to also assist the future generation of insurance professionals in New Hampshire and the United States.


Learn More About The DJ Bettencourt Scholarship

For further information about the scholarship, or if you have any questions, please  contact us through the form on the contact page and someone will get back to you shortly. Any universities or organizations who want to get involved with the scholarship are also welcome to reach out. We are wishing the best of luck to each and every one of our students in this process and on their journey to a career in the field of insurance!


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